Happy Christmas from Tim…

Quantaq ‘Chip’ Characters

Back in 2005 I designed some humorous character-based product icons for Quantaq Solutions Ltd. Earlier this year, Quantaq approached me to update and refresh both their logo, and the product characters – make them less noughties artwork, and much more for going forward into the next ten years. First redeveloping the USIM Detective artwork  then replacing the rest of the line-up, plus newcomers, with artwork with the new look.

Selection of product icons developed for client's website. USIM Detective and Friends: Quantaq SIM Tools

Keep Calm…

I’ve just completed a new t-shirt design – inspired while working on a client’s flyer for their yoga classes. I guess the Keep Calm meme is a bit ‘old hat’ or ‘hackneyed’ now, but I couldn’t resist my yoga take on it: Keep Karma and Carry On.

New Spreadshirt t-shirt design New Spreadshirt t-shirt design