Helping to find the past: Brora Heritage

Last month saw Clyne Heritage Society take over the running of the Brora Heritage Centre from the Highland Council. As part of this there was some rebranding and publicity required – which TGIADD helped out. An A4 trifold leaflet was given a professional treatment, and a couple of banners designed to help passing cars locate the centre, as it’s located off the main road (A9 and part of the North Coast 500 tourist route) near the site of the old colliery.


A helping hand…

In January I worked on some large scale illustrations for Helixion Limited, as they needed some banners while attending a conference in Sweden. Keying in with previous materials created by myself for Helixion, the illustrations were created with vector drawing technique. Using vectors to represent the phone, icons and hands, meant the illustrations could be scaled well up beyond the 0.8 m required for use in the banners – without any loss of crispness.

helixion-banners-fbHelixion conference banners

Adding a little SPARKle to 2015

If you’ve been in Edinburgh recently, you may have see or picked up a brochure of events on at Greyfriars Kirk during 2015 – their SPARK: Festival of Worship & the Arts. Greyfriars Kirk is less showy than St Giles – the great big kirk up on the Royal Mile – but has a long history, especially with the Covenanters, and of course with a certain Skye terrier called Bobby in Victorian times.

SPARK Brochure

This year they celebrate 150 years of organ music being part of life at the kirk – and also the 25th birthday of the organ currently in place.  I was asked to come up with a brand for the festival – logo, colour scheme etc… and to design the brochure that would publicise all the events on during 2015 (concerts, lectures, special  services and workshops).