Bringing the Red and Blue Series print books up to date

Following on from the App versions, POPS Resources saw the advantages of redeploying those graphics back into the print books. The print books were of different proportions than the ebooks, so more adding of backgrounds and ‘moving’ parts for better layout. The covers had a refresh too.

Bringing the Blue and Red Series to Apple eBook Store for POPS Resources

By April 2020, I had helped POPS Resources by reducing illustration ‘clutter’ from illustrations created originally over ten years ago. A combination of client’s views had changed, modernisation and for interface navigation items to be clear when placed into App context. Luckily I had the multi-layered Photoshop files from my time colouring the original black and white line-work drawn by illustrator Stella Kearns in the mid-2000s. The amended artwork now had computer tablets and smart phones populating various scenes in the stories, where such things are now common-place.

This was a very timely project for my client to undertake – producing ebook ‘App’ versions of the two series of reading scheme books. We’d just started the project as the Covid-19 pandemic kicked-off, and downloadable resources to entertain/educate children now stuck at home were very desirable.

I supplied the graphics for the six Apps that covered the original 32 print books. As well as amended story illustrations, the App logos and many of the navigational elements were also designed by TGIADD.

Now in Dunblane…

Tim Griffiths Illustration and Digital Design has recently relocated from Dunrobin Glen, in East Sutherland, to leafy Dunblane, near Stirling.

A new location, but still the same colourful illustrations and friendly design service.