‘Yak and Nak go on a trek’ published!

The book that I illustrated, ‘Yak and Nak go on a trek’, is published and now available to be ordered from Waverley Care.

Hermione Roff, writer of ‘Yak and Nak go on a trek’, tells how the book came to be written:

“When I was last in Nepal doing the Kanchenjunga trek (Nov 2011) there was a member of our trekking team called Dawa, (aged 22). He was the cook’s nephew and I think had been brought along to give him experience and to be of general help. He was extremely nice, very gentle and willing with a smattering of English, but rather slow on the uptake and slow in action as well!

He and I struck up a bit of a friendship. There was a tendency for him to be the butt of (good humoured) jokes from the rest of the trekking team and he was also a little bit outside the way that group functioned. He and I got into the habit of chatting towards the end of the day and as part of that I told him stories. One of these stories featured ‘Yak and Nak’. (What a gift that phrase is to a storyteller, – irresistible!)

Once Dawa understood that animals could speak, he loved that story, and actually so did the rest of the trek team, – they thought it was hilarious. So I said that when I got back to the UK I would write it down, find an illustrator, (because it is a children’s picture book aimed at ages 3-7) and see about getting it published. If it materialised I would dedicate it to them and make sure they received some copies. I found through Waverley Care, the brilliant illustrator Tim Griffiths – and now it has arrived!”

Order the book from Waverley Care.‘Yak and Nak go on a trek’: cover and couple of pages of the story.