When browser plugins work too well…

Well, I was taken aback just recently when I viewed my ‘design’ page on my site and found a section of images not displaying. Aghast at how long the images hadn’t been displayed, thoughts of when did I last tinker with the code flashed through my mind. There followed a lot of comparing code that was happily displaying images with similar ‘mark-up and javacript fun’, and comparing the page in two other browsers I use.* The page puzzlingly displayed fine in Firefox and Safari. The plot thickened.

* I may be an illustrator, but a ‘geeky’ one. I use Chrome mainly, but use Firefox, Safari and rarely Opera as they have different strengths.

As I gazed at the code, I noticed the bits within the non-displaying code were labeled with names like ‘ads’, ‘Advertising’ and ‘adverts’ – it was displaying my work related to the field of marketing after all.


I knew what was causing my problem. I installed a useful Chrome plugin to block ads a couple of weeks ago – mainly for when I view programmes on Channel 4 on demand channel. It works a dream blocking those ads for B&Q and bizarrely anti-ageing skin cream that occur when viewing ‘Grand Designs’. However, it was also blocking my advert-related imagery on my portfolio site – groan. What if other people with ‘AdBlock’ visit my site, and see gaps? The solution was just rename anything that had  ‘ads’, ‘Advertising’ and ‘adverts’ to ‘publicity’. I could have named them all ‘elves’, but wanted them to be more meaningful :-). Job done.