Neil Stewart – the passing of an innovative CEO

Sadly, I heard today of the passing of Neil Stewart – CEO and founder of Edinburgh-based company Helixion Limited. Helixion created secure software for the complex mobile telephony sector. Previously, Neil had founded and built-up Aspects Software – now part of Collis B.V. – which created tools for testing and monitoring the interface between SIM/USIM and mobile handsets.

I worked with Neil over the last twelve years, either helping put together marketing materials, creating websites or mocking-up packaging for one of his projects. He was a good client and colleague – who’d always try coaxing me to have another chocolate biscuit with my coffee at our meetings. Though he could be frustrating at times – as he moved on to the next idea before I’d pinned him down on what visual we were going to develop – he was always full of enthusiasm, drive and always innovative. I have often thought of Neil as I have used my Blackberry – either to phone, email, take a photo or listen to music. Ten, twelve years ago he explained to me how phones were going do all sorts of things – ‘convergence’ he’d say. He was right. NFC is something else that I first heard about from his lips.

It is amazing what we all can do with our mobile phones and mobile devices, and it is because of people like Neil Stewart that we can.