Greetings from Morningside!

It’s that time of year again – time to write those Christmas cards (groan). I always like to craft my own ones to send out to clients – well it stands to reason that as an illustrator that I should send out stuff by my own hand (or specially-trained ‘mouse’)? I reprinted my Nigel the Christmas Turkey this year – I really liked his optimism – and added three new designs: some illuminated Heeland Coos; a daring skating sparrow and friends; and some owls feeling the warmth of sharing gifts (spoiler: no dead mice feature). These, and my previous incarnations, are not commercially available… yet, but I’m working on that one :-).

Three of my humorous card designs for 2012.‘Heeland coos’, ‘Gift giving owls’ and Robin’s cousin Sparrow on the ice.