Enlivening Annual Reports

A short while ago I was commissioned to design the St Andrew’s Children’s Society annual review for 2011-12 – their 90th anniversary year. Their fundraiser, Dan Docwra, wanted it to be ‘special’ and so also commissioned some illustrations. The inside cover featured a ‘then and now’ set of boys and girls from the 1920s and 2012. Inspiration for the two girls were a childhood picture of my mother (actually 1933), and my own daughter – though admittedly when she was younger than she is now (3rd year medic student). The lads were mainly based on my son – a keen skateboarder.

The rear cover features a representation of the current building that houses the Society – a Georgian house down in Leith. The house and adornments (the odd seagull and sandwich) are in my usual style, plus Photoshopped ‘live action’ shots of staff and board members outside and waving from the windows.

All in all, a nice touch of humour and colour to their publication.