Graphic design

Projects are varied, and often I have also created the illustrations that are incorporated into the designs. For example, for my client Waverley Care I have handled the assembly of many of their event flyers and information leaflets over the last nine years, plus regularly prepare their four-monthly newsletter for press. The media content the latter use is a mixture of my own illustrations, supplied photographs and stock photography (often with ‘adjustments’ and additions).

Stationery and Logos

Updating or creating from ‘scratch’ — here are some examples of work involving brand identity. Often times, it is breathing new life into an existing brand, or in the case of Edinburgh’s Pleasance Theatre and charity Waverley Care – creating a combination of motifs to be representative for a special event.

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Designs for Helixion, POPS Resources and Cattanach TrustLetterhead and cards21 years of colaboration#laffoffstigmaBrand identitySt Andrew's Children's Society 90th Celebrations logo


Posters large and small, tri-fold leaflets and adverts for publications (supplied to match magazine or newspaper specifications.

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Singing at Pilrig St PaulsSpring ConcertFund-raising eventsFlower planetRemembering 911

Information and Products

From annual reports to multi-part information packs, and from banner stands to reading schemes – I have a varied output. Obviously, as an illustrator I like to provide illustrations where appropriate, but not all projects require illustrations, so stock photo libraries and my own photography provide additional material.

Occasionally, I work in collaboration. Since 2004 I have assisted illustrator Stella Kearns, by colouring her illustrations for the POPS Resources Red and Blue Elephant Reading Schemes. From 2006 this grew to handling the graphic design of the books, associated CD-ROM’s (and the contained work sheets) and brochures.

Below are some examples of the range of material I have helped create with my clients. Click a ‘thumbnail’ to view:

Annual reportsVarious banners and leafletsAdvice packShoppingShoppingShoppingShopping